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Thank you for viewing our website. Check out our frequently asked questions before submitting a form. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to decorate an event? 

Prices vary based on theme, number of guests and complexity of the design. We do not offer set packages for event and wedding decorating. 

What is included within the decorating fee? 

The decorating fee includes rental of the items for your event unless it is a personalization that is discussed prior to your event that you can keep. Decorating fees does not include the design, labor, service, installation and breakdown fees.


Can you decorate an event or wedding within an hour or two hours? 

Please note we will need at least 4 hours to decorate unless otherwise specified. Shorter time frame to set up by your venue will increase the cost of the installation fee because it will require more people from our team to get it done quickly. 

Is the minimum decor requirement for all event and wedding sizes?

If you would like full event or wedding decorating, then the minimum requirement is $2,000. This is an exception of smaller events under 30 people or other services such as hotel decor set ups, marriage proposal set ups, micro weddings (50 guest or less) and personalized items.


What if I only want a balloon garland, or focal point for my event? Is there a minimum requirement?

There is only minimum requirement for the amount of feet of balloons for garlands and arches. 10FT minimum for organic balloon garlands and 18FT minimum for balloon arches. All other balloon decor there is not a minimum amount in order to book. If you would only like a certain balloon pieces or focal point decor, or other personalization created by our business, then there isn't a minimum requirement for those items. Please note there is a delivery, installation and possible breakdown fee for this. Also, you must have your venue booked before inquiring about our balloon services.

Do you offer grab and go balloon garlands and centerpieces? 

Yes. We offer those and we can set up a pick up time or it can be delivered to your event. With grab and go garlands, you will be responsible for setting it up. 

If I am planning a wedding, does the Day of Wedding Coordinator assist with the planning and decorating?

No. A Day of Wedding Coordinator helps with making sure your wedding runs smoothly the day of. We direct your rehearsal and oversee the set up and breakdown of your wedding. We offer planning and decorating services. Schedule a consultation with us to gain an understanding of the difference between the three. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer payment plans with your final payment due 30 days before your event. We will be offering soon, AfterPay,  Affirm, Klarna and other similar payment options. 

What happens if a guest damages, breaks or takes a rental item? 

The client will billed and will be responsible for payment to replace item(s). 

Do you travel outside of the Hampton Roads Area?

Yes. We travel. Please note their is additional fee.

When is the latest I can book you?

This depends on the event. For all full event and wedding decorating, I require at least 30 day notice. If you would like focal point, party personalizations or balloon services, at least two weeks notes. Date night and hotel room decorations, require at least one week notice. Day of Wedding Coordinator, require at least one week notice and is based on availability. Any services 30 days of less requires full payment in order to secure date and services. 

If I book you for an event and paid the retainer fee and/ or can I get a refund if I need to cancel? 

No. There are no refunds. All payments are final. If you need to cancel, you can reschedule within 1 year of the date of your event. 

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